Monday, June 6, 2011

Two Big Events in Lil' Aub's World

Jason had the weekend off so we decided to head to the big city to get a jogging stroller (it's a lifesaver for Aub AND me! more shaking us to pieces on our long walks). Aubree calls her stroller her 'car'...and now she's got a more comfortable ride.
We went to the mall to take care of one thing I've been anxiously awaiting and dreading at the same time...ear piercing. Aubree sat in Daddy's lap and was a very big girl. She didn't cry until the contraptions pierced her ears (good thing they did both at once!). Aubree cried for about a minute, but was OK when Mama kissed both of her ears. She melts my heart when she says, "All better" in her cute little voice. Mama's kiss can cure the owies. She was pleased to see the finished product. We now have matching earrings, and we think that's pretty neat.
Today was the start of swimming lessons. Another big deal in her life. I've only seen Aubree scared in the water one other time...the first bath we gave her in Russia. She absolutely loves her baths now and the small swimming pool we fill up in the front yard every few days so she can take a dip. She splashes, jumps in, puts her head underwater, and belly laughs the entire time.
Today was a bit of a challenge, probably because it was all so new. She is experiencing FIRST after FIRST after FIRST and has done so well that I sometimes take it for granted. Well, she was the best bubble blower in her class. After that, she didn't much care for the rest of the lesson. The floating and swishing (immersing) she could have done without. It was only her first day. I know that as she gets more comfortable with the routine of the class, she will do great.
These two events were kinda difficult for Aubree's Mama too. It is upsetting to see her cry like that.
I'll post pics of the new bling bling soon.