Saturday, June 11, 2011

June update...

Aubree has enjoyed swimming lessons tremendously this week. The first day was difficult, but I remember having the same experience when Drew was in swimming lessons at that age. Now she is much more comfortable. Instead of coming up out of the water with buggy eyes of fear (the first day), she is coming up out of the water with buggy eyes and the biggest smile on her face! I have to laugh when I see her so happy with another accomplishment during lessons. There is a lot to learn in only three weeks. Beginning on the second day of lessons, I promised her a piece of gum after swimming lessons every day when she follows Mrs. Susan's directions, and she hasn't let me forget about my promise! It's amazing how smart these little ones are.

Drew's baseball team, the Athletics, finished the season 11-0-1...very impressive. Closing ceremonies are next week, and we will find out who has been chosen for the All-Star team. He also participated in a local basketball camp this week. My little athlete is having quite a summer already.

Jason surprised me with a new washer/dryer set the other day. Our old set had a variety of problems (missing parts in dryer drum, 3 runs to dry 1 load, washer making VeRy loud noises during spin cycle). Those machines were on their last leg. But that is a big investment, so I was OK with waiting until I could get the set I wanted. It was a nice if I can just figure out how to work all the bells and whistles! These machines are not what they used to be, for sure.

The kids wanted to make a playhouse out of the washer box. We cut a window and a door out. I am glad I took a few pictures of our creation because late in the afternoon, it rained!!!! rained!!!!! The playhouse didn't last, but we needed the's been months. Praise God!

We are trying to figure out an inexpensive getaway for the family this summer. We have a time share, but all the destinations we could choose from are far from home. That would end up costing more than we really need to spend this summer. We live in west Texas. Any of you have any suggestions? We want to make memories, not spend too much.

I have included a few photos. Notice Aub's earrings. So cute!