Thursday, March 24, 2011

God funds what He favors...

Catching up on blogs tonight and came across this statement. I had to read it over and over.
Wow...He is SO good.

Here's a picture of our princess...a blessing from above. Can you tell she dressed herself?!?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break is almost over...

We didn't get a lot accomplished at home, but we had a nice week together. I had plans to get some painting done, but I never got around to it. Very little Spring cleaning happened.

We had a nice long weekend in Ruidoso, New Mexico. The weather was beautiful, and we stayed in a cabin in the woods. The kids had a wonderful time in the mountains. Aubree had never been...of course she has fun wherever she goes! I was glad to get Mr. Porter away from work for this getaway to enjoy himself. Since Michael is in college adult...he spent Spring Break getting a few extra hours in his work.

Other than that, we had a few appointments this week in Lubbock and lots of snuggling here at home. Last night we had a fine time with friends, cooking out and playing cards, something we hadn't done in awhile. I am grateful for the opportunity to spend some extra time with my family this week.

Back to school on Monday. Only 5 more weeks until the TAKS test. School is always so much nicer after that test is over with. We have a few field trips in May to look forward to as well.

It's been awhile since I've posted. There are a few (?) creepy people out there that I'd like to filter out. I keep up with all of you through your blogs, and I'll say it's like a family. I love to hear about your families growing and changing and especially those of you that help get the word out about the blessing of adoption. That's really why I blog myself. I want to be a voice for those little ones that don't seem to have one in this big old world. There are countless families that would adopt, I believe, with just a little more encouragement from other regular old working class people that have experienced adoption themselves. I continue to seek God's face in how I can make more of an impact for orphans. It's a passion of mine and I know one day He will make it clear to me (maybe He already has!) where to go from here. Any ideas?!? Please comment.
Enjoy the pics. Hasn't Aub grown up on us?