Monday, August 8, 2011

It's Already August????

Aubree is currently sitting in my lap as I blog. I have a feeling this will be a VeRy short post. She seems to approve of the pictures I chose to include, though.

Seems to me it was a short summer but short. I usually have a lot more done in my classroom by now. We are to report to school Wednesday, so I've got to get my room organized before then. Otherwise, I will be quite far behind! Family time has been a priority, so I am OK with being behind right now...

We went to San Antonio last week, and it was a nice getaway for the family. Michael was still in summer session, so we missed him being with us. We shopped for school necessities at the outlet malls...went to Sea World...enjoyed the River Walk and enjoyed each other's company. Drew fed dolphins (Aubree watched). Aubree met Elmo and got her picture made with him (Elmo is her favorite!) We all got to see an impressive Shamu show too. The water park at Sea World was a big hit too. Aub continues to experience a lot of 'firsts' in her little life. I love to watch her expressions as she sees the wonder in so many things I tend to take for granted or overlook.

Aub thinks I've been on this computer long enough. So I'll close by saying God bless all of you that care enough to check in on the Porters. We are blessed indeed.

I've been away from my computer lately. Look forward to catching up with all my blog friends.


Reeves Family said...

Hi Porter Family! I came across your family's blog and love seeing Aubree's transition into your family. We are a family of 4 with two boys (ages 3 1/2 and 18 months) and have also felt God's calling to make this a family of 5 with a little girl from Russia. We're still comparing agencies, but would love any help you could give us on who you used and what life has been like since you've been home. Take care, KariLynn Reeves

PS: Our blog is

Jeanette said...

Summer is flying by!!! We just did sea world in orlando this spring. Grace LOVED their waterpark, Aquatica!!!!

Tracey and Chuck said...

So glad to see an update! Sounds like you guys had a great summer. Aubree is getting so big and so adorable. Love all the new pictures.

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