Thursday, July 7, 2011

Time is such a gift...give it!

Today I visited a dear family friend in the hospital. Though I intended to stay for only a few minutes (she was in the middle of lunch!), we talked on and on about her health and our families...until her lunch was ice cold, but she didn't complain. It was so good to see her eyes shine. I haven't seen that in a long time. She is determined to make the necessary changes to improve her health. We made plans to get together soon. Her attitude was great, especially considering she has been in the hospital almost two weeks now. As I walked away from our visit, I was reminded of the gift of time. By spending that time with her, she was encouraged and so was I! Why do I, so often, make excuses instead of making time for people/activities that are important to me or to others?

My sister, Cathy, is a perfect example of someone that has become a pro at giving the gift of time, and it has endeared her to countless acquaintances, clients, friends, and family members. Others are drawn to her, I believe, in part because Cathy makes time for them without constantly checking her watch. She goes out of her way to show others that they are important. No matter how busy she is, (and believe me, this girl is always busy!) she always answers her phone when I call. When I need to vent, she doesn't hurry me. During Drew's baseball season this year, she came to several games, high heels and all....and she lives out of town. As an entertainer, she frequently gives her time to sing at retirement homes and various events. These are just a few of the ways she has enriched her own life by enriching others' lives. She looks for opportunities to encourage and compliment without expecting any gain but the joy of giving, and her smile is bright! No wonder every time Aubree swipes my phone, she tells me she is going to call 'Ca-Ca'. See...even my two year old can sense it.

There are several others in my life that give that precious gift of time, too.

This was on my heart tonight. Anyone know a great giver of time in your life? If so, comment please. I downloaded some recent pictures, so I'll add a few to this post too.

Blessed to be a blessing,